Dif-e-yo  History

Hello, my name is Frank Difeo.
   I've made my living as a Tool Maker in the machine shop trade since I graduated from Trade School in 1970 and in 1995 started a small machine shop aside from my day job.
I always enjoyed making things from metal and especially anything custom or out of the ordinary.
   Sometime in 1999 I became hooked collecting Vintage yoyo's and something that surprised me at the time when I discovered Aluminum yoyo's ... with ball bearing axles even !!
   I didn't pay particular attention to the metal ones until the economy slowed around 2001 when work slowed in the shop and I started to tinker making Aluminum yoyo's.
As the economy continued to slow, I had more time to experiment with yoyo making.
Well, .. one thing led to another and I started making more yoyo's and concentrated on improving the way a yoyo functioned.

  My thoughts centered on the string rubbing the sides of the yoyo and concentrated making a Grooved bearing which worked well for a while with narrow gap yoyos.

But with the advancement of large gap yoyos in today's modern yoyo designs the Grooved bearing became a hindrance.

The yoyo no longer played smooth and displayed inconsistent response with the string Trapped in the center and unable to move when needed.

These deciding factors led to the design and release of the Patented Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing for smooth consistent play.

  As for the different Dif-e-Yo yoyo designs ... I start with an idea and experiment ... first and foremost concentrating on function, and then incorporate visual design to compliment function.

  Thanks to all that enjoy Dif-e-Yo yoyo's.
Your positive response is Greatly appreciated.
You have made Dif-e-Yo what it is today.
Thanks also for taking time to read this brief History of a person who has become addicted to yoyo's and I hope to be able to keep making yoyo's for people to enjoy.
Best Regards, Frank

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