Looking for Smooth play with less response and
a response system that lasts.

Dif-e-Yo Dif-Pads are Precision cut for an exact fit in Dif-e-Yo yoyos.
They play like half worn friction stickers right from the start
and stay that way. Will fit any yoyo that uses Friction stickers.
Don't know how long they last because the one's in use have not
worn out yet after weeks of testing. After extended play the Dif-Pads will
seem like they have no response at all and what you will find is the pads are ok
and that it's the string that needs to be replaced to get some response again.
"Response varies in different yoyo's."
Response with Dif-Pads varies in different brand yoyos.
The response in a Dif-e-Yo with Dif-Pads will be less
compared to the response you will get for example from a Duncan  Free Hand..
In a Dif-e-Yo .. 2 Dif-Pads are needed and Lube helps for more response.
Yoyo's with a smaller gap and/or more inner wall area offer "more" response
with the
Dif-Pads but are still extremely Smooth and last a long time.
You might only need one Dif-Pad in these yoyo's to get the response you like.
Experience the Dif-ference.

The .030" thick Dif-Pads are an "option" for more response for Dif-e-Yo yoyos.
Original Dif-Pads are .015 thick. These new Pads are .030" thick and
are for people who want more response from their Dif-e-Yo yoyos
These are offered in addition to the Original Dif-Pads and not as a replacement.
Best Results so far have been from using one .015 Dif-Pad and one .030 Dif-Pad.
That does not mean you wouldn't use two thick ones though as everyone
has a different preference.
**These thicker.030 " thick Dif-Pads are not recommended for other yoyos**
because they have shown to be too responsive in other yoyos.


Dif-Pad Installation
Using the "tip" of a thin knife , X-acto blade or even a toothpick , ..
 put the edge of the Dif-Pad on the tip of the tool your using.
 Place the pad over the yoyo and eyeball how it lines up before pressing it on.
 The Dif-Pads won't stick solid until you press hard and with this in mind, ..
 lay the pad gently onto the yoyo until it is lined up.
 Then press the whole pad with your thumb to seat it and then remove the tool.
 Also before pressing  hard to seat it totally...
you can push from the center hole outward while working your
way around which will slightly stretch and move the inner hole away
from the bearing a little more and then press it solid.


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