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Welcome to Dif-e-Yo

See the Dif-e-Yo GLADIATOR Slave

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Also see the HARD KNOCK Dif-Series
1st release is the
Dif-e-Yo JUGGERNAUT yoyo

2nd release Dif-e-Yo Rev-1 OVER HAUL yoyo

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Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearings available in 4 sizes.
Check your favorite internet store for availability.

Another Congratulations to National YoYo Master Dazzling Dave Schulte
Dave now has his own Signature model yoyo
InTernal Turmoil  ( IT ) by Dif-e-Yo

This Limited run Model is sold out.

But available is the IT Player model. See  info & pics on the yo-yos page.

Dave also set a new AYYA World Record of 120 Eli Hops
using a Dif-e-yo Bare Bones yo-yo at the 2005 Worlds yoyo Contest.
Visit Dave's website @... 
Dazzling Dave

Billet Machined Aluminum yoyos.
Made in the USA

A Dif-e-Yo is a Custom hand Crafted product that is not produced solely with machines.

Designed and manufactured through a combination of machining and hand work.
A large percentage of hand work is involved after the machining process
which involves hand polishing and cleaning before assembly.
After assembly each yoyo is tested before it is packaged for shipping.

Dif-e-Yo strives to offer Unique looking Yo-Yo's but they are
Designed first and foremost for Performance and Durability

Patented Dif-e-Yo  KonKave  Stainless Bearing!
Click for KonKave bearing Performance info


 Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearings now in 3 sizes!
 .250 ID x .188 wide x .500 dia. to fit Dif-e-Yo and YoYo Jam
 5mm ID x 10mm dia x 4mm wide to fit Duncan etc
 5mm ID x 11mm dia x 5mm wide to fit HSPIN and SPYY
6mm ID x 13mm dia x 5mm wide to fit ILYY and OXY

Dif-e-Yo KonKave Kit for large bearing YoYo Jam yoyos.
 .250 ID x .188 wide x .500 dia. bearing and 3 sets of shims.

Available at the following online stores by
clicking on the name to be redirected.

 YoYoeXpert YoYoSam Infinite Illusions  Dazzling Dave
TheYoStore  Bird In Hand   
Euro-Yo  yoyoz.co.uk   www.spinworkx.com
YoYoLoco.com http://www.yoyomania.cz/


Except for the Blind Orbiter,
all Dif-e-Yo yoyos now have Flush Dif-Pad response.

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InTernal Turmoil the Tank, Cross Bones, Bone Chip
G-T-O, Wide Sport Wide Load, Sportster
Zzzip-Fly, Dif-Fly, Blind Orbiter

Made in the USA with the player in mind.
Short on Frills and your wallet...but Long on performance.

To Buy a
Dif-e-Yo yoyo of your choice..
Please visit the following online stores by
clicking on the name to be redirected.

YoYoeXpert YoYoSam Infinite Illusions  Dazzling Dave
 TheYoStore  Bird In Hand   
 Euro-Yo  yoyoz.co.uk   www.spinworkx.com
 YoYoLoco.com http://www.yoyomania.cz/


Sportster hit's the road with..
AMAZING ARTHUR .. www.amazingarthur.com
Comedy, Magic, Hypnosis, Juggling, and YO-YO tricks.
Amazing Arthur uses a
Dif-e-Yo Sportster for his main yo-yo in his act.

" Limited "'

Sold out models below are "LIMITED" Models available in the past.

A small quantity of 7-10 "LIMITED" yoyo's are made for each run of 55 Collector models but are Unique with their own Custom Accessories and finishes that may be anything from a limited color to 24K Gold plating. As with the Collector model, Limited packages include Extra String, Stands, and various Exotic Wood Custom storage Boxes.

Orbiter "Limited"

SORRY.. Sold Out

Item #1003

ONLY 7 made
24k GOLD Plated
Signed and dated

Wide Load "Limited"
SORRY .. Sold Out Item #1004

ONLY 11 made - Signed and dated.
Set up with a Grooved bearing and Friction disc response system. This package comes with everything you see in the picture above!

Mahogany Wood storage box with 24K gold plated laser engraved insert in the lid. This box is Exclusive with these "Limited" yoyo's.  Each box is slightly different. No two are the same!

Daizzy-Yo "Limited"

SORRY.. Sold Out

Item #1001

Only 7 made in Powder Coated Florescent Orange. This model has a performance mod to the friction disc response system and sports a .100" string gap and Dif-e-Yo Grooved Bearing.

Purple Heart Wood storage box is Exclusive with these "Limited" yoyo's. Each box is slightly different. No two are the same!

Daizzy-Fly "Limited"

Item #1002
SORRY.. Sold Out

Only 10 were made in Powder Coated Florescent Yellow with a new visual design from the Original Daizzy-Fly. It sports a .120" string gap with Stainless Steel axle and Dif-e-Yo Grooved Bearing. This model uses a friction disc response system.

Walnut Wood storage box is Exclusive with these "Limited" yoyo's. Each box is slightly different. No two are the same!

See Yo-Yos or Custom Work page for more info.

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